Airframe and Systems & Emergency Equipment - Jeppesen E.A.S.A. A.T.P.L. Training

Airframe and Systems & Emergency Equipment - Jeppesen E.A.S.A. A.T.P.L. Training

Ce livre vous permettra d'acquérir de bonnes bases concernant les aspects techniques de la structure d'un aéronef, des systèmes et de ses systèmes d'urgence.

Get a good grounding in the technical aspects of an aircraft's structure, systems and its emergency systems with E.A.S.A. A.T.P.L. Training - Airframes & Systems and Emergency Equipment.

Airframe and Systems provides guidance in the basics of the build of an airplane. In addition to build and construction, this book also discusses functionality and maintenance of these systems. Structure, hydraulics, landing gear and steering are covered in detail. Pressurization, air-conditioning, de- and anti-icing, as well as fuel system are also covered. Printed on demand and using QR codes to provide animated graphics, introduction to content is efficiently paced and illustrated.

Index :
- Construction of aircraft systems
- Loads ans stresses
- Material fatigue
- Corrosion
- Maintenance
- Principles and methods of design and construction
- Material and their use
- Wings and tailplanes, as well as their flaps, elevators and rudders
- The fuselage and special subassemblies
- Operational limits of airframes
- Principles of hydromechanics
- Hydraulic systems
- Construction and function of aircraft landing gear arrangements
- Aircraft brakes
- Aircraft wheels with rims and tyres
- Primary flight controls
- Secondary flight controls

- The F.B.W. control principle
- Bleed air production
- Pressurised cabin and air-conditioning systems
- Components and operation of ice-protection systems
- Types, operation and instructions relating to ice-warning systems
- Piston-engine aircraft
- Aircraft with turbine engines
- Smoke recognition - Aeroplanes
- Fire protection systems
- Rain protection systems
- Operating principle
- Risk related to the use and handling of oxygen

Attention ! Cet ouvrage est intégralement en anglais.

Format : 21.5 x 27 cm
Date de parution : 2016


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