Dictionary of aeronautics in 20 languages (Tome 1)

Dictionary of aeronautics in 20 languages (Tome 1)

This new multilingual dictionary presents a compilation of over 4 000 English terms related to aviation, translated into 20 languages. It contains the most commonly used terminology in the many different fields and subfields of aeronautics. It includes the terms required in the vast areas of commercial, general and military aviation, helicopters, engines, airports, flying, air navigation, air traffic control, flight operations, flight mechanics, aerodynamics, electronics and all related fields.

It is meant to meet the needs of technicians, engineers, designers, pilots, scientists, students and translators. This easy-to-use multilingual dictionary is the best international reference currently available on the market. The world over, it is an invaluable tool for those involved with aviation, aeronautical engineering and maintenance.

Translation from English to :
- French
- German
- Spanish & Spanish Argentinian
- Italian
- Portuguese & Portuguese Brazilian
- Dutch
- Greek
- Russian
- Turkish
- Chinese
- Japanese
- Korean
- Vietnamese
- Malay
- Indonesian
- Arabic
- Persian
- Hindi

Nb de pages : 476 pages
Format : 15 x 21 cm
Date de parution : juin 2010
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Dictionary of aeronautics...

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