Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy V.F.R. Edition

Aviation Radio Communications Made Easy V.F.R. Edition

Cet ouvrage présente l'essentiel des requis nécessaires en radio-communication.

Il sert d'aide-mémoire pour l'apprentissage des normes d'échanges vocaux avec l'A.T.C. (Air Traffic Control). Les modèles à compléter permettent de préparer un script de communication à l'avance pour chaque vol. Conçu pour s'adapter sur les planchettes de vol, ces notes permettent de diminuer le poids embarqué en manuels et autres guides !

Ce livre est destiné à tous les pilotes, les instructeurs en vol ou au sol.

It takes practice to sound like a seasoned pilot! Talking on the radio can be intimidating and stressful. This book will assist you in learning to talk effectively and efficiently on the radio during your flights. Soon, your delivery will be smooth and professional and you will fully understand what A.T.C. is telling/asking you.

The templates allow you to construct a communication script for every flight. Fill in most of the template blanks during preflight, tear them out and take them with you to the cockpit. Sized to fit your kneeboard, they work as speaking notes to lighten your in-flight workload.

This book is especially effective for student pilots, ground schools, limited English-speaking pilots, flight instructors, and pilots transitioning to new airspace.

Nb de pages : 271 pages
Format : 16 x 22 cm
Date de parution : 2005

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